45 Years of ADFIAP (2016-2021)

2016 The ADFIAP-Renewables Academy Green Banking Project, a program on green energy and climate finance (Germany), and the EU-funded “Asia Cleantech MSME Financing Network (ACMFN)” project were launched in 2016. The Association won the Asia Best Sustainability Report (SME category) from the Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards (ASRA) for its 2015 Sustainability Report themed, “Creating Stronger […]

45 Years of ADFIAP (2011-2015)

2011 ADFIAP celebrated its 36th year as the point of convergence for all development banks and financial institutions involved in development financing in the Asia-Pacific region in 2011. Another watershed moment for ADFIAP was its numerous accomplishments in the 4Ps, or Progress, Programs, Partnerships, and Participation. 2011 was also a watershed year for the Association […]

45 Years of ADFIAP (2006-2010)

2006 In 2006, ADFIAP and the UK’s Community Development Finance Association signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, and the Association unveiled its new logo and branding strategy in the early part of the year. The 29th Annual Meeting held in Sri Lanka’s capital and hosted by the DFCC Bank was also where members drafted the Colombo […]

45 Years of ADFIAP (2001-2005)

2001 ADFIAP had a new chairman in 2001. Mr. Moksevi Prelis of the DFCC Bank handed over the Association’s chairmanship to Mr. Isoa Kaloumaira of the Fiji Development Bank. The theme of the 24th Annual Meeting, held in Tokyo, Japan, was “The DFIs Relationship with the Government and Market/Risk Management,” and featured the Association’s founding […]

45 Years of ADFIAP (1996-2000)

1996 By 1996, ADFIAP had already laid the groundwork for pioneering activities to prepare for the twenty-first century. The organization believed that through the collective wisdom and continuous support of its members, affiliates, and partners, it could become the most influential and prestigious DFI organization in Asia and the Pacific. That year, the 43rd Board […]

45 Years of ADFIAP (1991-1995)

1991 1991 marked several developments for ADFIAP as member DFIs faced a new era of financial systems deregulations worldwide. There was more pressure to emulate commercial banking operations while remaining more independent in funds sourcing. Competitiveness and profitability were the catchphrases of the 1990s, and they were at the heart of the 14th Annual Conference […]

45 Years of ADFIAP (1986-1990)

45 Years of ADFIAP (1986-1990)   1986 In 1986, 61 delegates from member-DFIs and guests from the World Bank (WB), International Finance Corporation (IFC), and Asian Development Bank (ADB) gathered in Auckland, New Zealand, for the Association’s Ninth Annual Conference. The theme was “DFI Responses to Emerging Imperatives in Development Financing in Asia and the […]

45 Years of ADFIAP (1981-1985)

45 Years of ADFIAP (1981-1985) 1980 In 1980, Manila hosted the first special conference on “Diversification of DFI Operations and Services.” Diverse thoughts and opinions on the problems and opportunities of diversification, specific product diversification, and capital market diversification, both domestic and external, emphasized the conference’s discussion. The Journal of Development Finance’s third issue was […]


ESTABLISHMENT TO GROUNDBREAKING DEVELOPMENTS – 1976 -1980 During the 1976 Asian Development Bank (ADB) Annual Meeting in Manila, 31 DFIs signed the ADFIAP charter and held the inaugural meeting of the ADFIAP Management committee. In 1977, after 15 member institutions were registered, ADFIAP became operational, with Mr. Orlando P. Peña (President of Asia Business Consultants, […]