ADFIAP celebrated its 36th year as the point of convergence for all development banks and financial institutions involved in development financing in the Asia-Pacific region in 2011. Another watershed moment for ADFIAP was its numerous accomplishments in the 4Ps, or Progress, Programs, Partnerships, and Participation. 2011 was also a watershed year for the Association to strengthen relationships with existing member institutions and partners while forging new connections with other like-minded organizations.
By the end of the year, membership had grown to 131 institutions in 45 countries and territories, and ADFIAP’s role expanded from the premier umbrella organization of DFIs to playing an active role in the global field of sustainable development.

In 2012, ADFIAP’s sustainable development promotion expanded to include well-governed, well-managed, and sustainable development-focused DFIs that adapt to global challenges. The financial crisis that engulfed the world that year, combined with severe natural disasters that turned into economic difficulties, put DFIs in the spotlight as they took on the primary task of providing much-needed funds and technical assistance to vulnerable sectors of both enterprise and society.
ADFIAP recognized the need for more participatory and engaging activities among its members and partners in this context, with the Association serving as the focal point. As a result, they reconsidered the definition of “development financing,” and its impact on long-term development to include access to financial and support services for the underserved and provide strategic and priority areas to achieve sustainable economic growth. It should also ensure the equitable distribution of the benefits of progress for a better quality of life for its people.
The ADFIAP Board approved a new definition of development financing at its 76th meeting.

ADFIAP held its 36th Annual Meeting in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, in 2013, and the Global Sustainable Finance Conference (GSFC) and Global Sustainable Finance Awards (GSFA), an annual conference ADFIAP hosted with their partner the Karlsruhe, a German-based European Organization for Sustainable Development (EOSD). It provided opportunities for participants to exchange ideas, share opinions, and engage in discussions about issues like embedding sustainability in financial institutions and making the financial sector more resilient to shocks and crises. It also discussed how financing for sustainable development, as well as financing for micro, small, and medium-sized businesses, contributed to social and economic development.
ADFIAP began using the new G4 guidelines in 2013 after joining the GRI G4 Pioneers Program and becoming an Organizational Stakeholder (OS) Member of the GRI. The GRI is a leading sustainability organization that promotes sustainability reporting as a means for organizations to become more sustainable and contribute to sustainable development.

In 2014, the ADFIAP Agenda focused on sustainability. Economic responsibility, social responsibility, environmental responsibility, and good governance are the pillars that provide a clear vision during critical moments, allowing the focus to be on the work required to address such issues.
2014 was also about strengthening networks. Engagement is an aspect of good governance and ADFIAP welcomed 101 development financing institutions from 40 countries and territories around the world that are part of various networks of organizations with similar missions and concerns in 2014.
The 37th ADFIAP Annual Meetings in Moscow drew over 120 delegates. ADFIAP’s 2014 Sustainability Report was also recognized as the Best Sustainability Report at the Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards (ASRA) (SME category).

ADFIAP had 100 institutions by the end of 2015, representing 39 countries and territories. The theme of the 38th Annual Meetings in Nha Trang, Vietnam, was “DFIs & Sustainable Infrastructure: Policy Framework, Operational Best Practice, and Challenges,” and over 120 delegates from ADFIAP members and partner organizations attended.
ADFIAP also published ‘ADVANCE,’ a specialized publication on sustainable development finance for the first time.

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