During the 1976 Asian Development Bank (ADB) Annual Meeting in Manila, 31 DFIs signed the ADFIAP charter and held the inaugural meeting of the ADFIAP Management committee. In 1977, after 15 member institutions were registered, ADFIAP became operational, with Mr. Orlando P. Peña (President of Asia Business Consultants, a PDCP affiliate) appointed as Executive Officer and Mr. Vicente Jayme as the head. The secretariat received an office space from PDCP and held the fourth Management Committee Meeting, establishing the association’s strategic goals.
ADFIAP published its first Newsletter in 1978. The association’s inaugural General Assembly meeting was in Bangkok, Thailand, and hired its first regular full-time staff, an information specialist, Mr. Roberto J. Manzano. They also held the first Curriculum Design Workshop for a micro-lending course in Manila, the Philippines.
The Journal of Development Finance (JDF) first appeared in 1979. The Association organized a special conference in Manila, Philippines, in 1980 to discuss training needs and held the first and second Executive Development Programs (EDP) in Manila and Bombay. 3 Years later, ADFIAP organized the World Federation of DFIs (WFDFI) in Madrid, Spain.
By 1986, ADFIAP formed its secretariat with Mr. Orlando P. Peña as Secretary General. Around this time, they also planned the first Human Resource Management Forum and held it in Manila. Mr.
Vicente Jayme also handed over the Chairmanship of ADFIAP to Mr. John W. Fletcher, Chief General Manager of the Commonwealth Development Bank of Australia.


1. Bangladesh Shilpa Bank
2. Bank Pembangunan Malaysia Berhad
3. Development Bank of the Philippines
4. Korea Development Bank
5. Industrial Bank of Japan
6. Industrial Development Bank of Pakistan
7. Industrial and Mining Development Bank of Iran
8. Korea Development Finance Corporation
9. Nepal Industrial Development Corporation
10. P.T. Indonesian Development Finance Company
11. Private Development Corporation of the Philippines
12. Bangladesh Shilpa Rin Bank
13. China Development Corporation
14. Development Bank of Singapore
15. Export Import Bank of Japan
16. Industrial Credit and Investment
17. Industrial Finance Corporation of India
18. P.T. Private Development Finance Company of India
19. National Development Finance Corporation (Pakistan)
20. Malaysian Industrial Development Finance Berhad
21. Commonwealth Development Bank of Australia
22. Bank Pembangunan Indonesia
23. Fiji Development Bank
24. Industrial Development Bank of India
25. Japan Development Bank
26. Medium Industry Bank (Korea)
27. Industrial Finance Corporation of Thailand
28. Pakistan Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation, Ltd.
29. Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund
30. Development Bank of Western Samoa
31. Development Finance Corporation of Ceylon

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