Development Finance Institutions (DFIs), as instruments of public good created by governments, have a special mandate to contribute to the country’s sustainable development programs. They are also best prepared and positioned to provide leadership, financial and technical assistance to strategic, priority, and underserved sectors of the economy. More than ever, with rapid changes in demographics, markets, technology, regulatory regimes, and pandemic impact, DFIs are again at the forefront of these challenges and opportunities.

Against this background, ADFIAP and its member-hosts and supporting organizations, have chosen the theme, “Responding to Global Issues and Trends: The Strategic Role of DFIs” for the 45th ADFIAP Annual Meetings.

This by-invitation-only event will also feature the 93rd Board of Directors Meeting, 25th ADFIAP General Assembly Meeting and ADFIAP Awards 2022.  CEOs, Board Members, and Senior Officials from ADFIAP’s 88 member-institutions in 38 countries and territories as well as representatives from ADFIAP institutional partners/network attending the conference will exchange experiences and best industry practices.